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Whitening by Julie

Smile brighter with Whitening by Julie. The fastest and easiest way to achieve a whiter smile. Instant, visible results with little-to-no pain and safe ingredients. Teeth whitening—anywhere, anytime!

Natural ingredients
Natural Ingredients
Stain removal
Removes Stains
Pain-free whitening
Enamel-safe ingredients
Enamel Safe
Tooth plaque removal
Removes Plaque
Bacteria-fighting ingredients
Fights Bacteria
Tooth minerals
Remineralizes Teeth
Tooth-friendly xylitol
Tooth-friendly Xylitol


Express Whitening
+ Aftercare

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An all natural and 100% enamel safe formula that uses a powerful yet gentle stain lifting gel and led light system that includes aftercare products.

Only 20 minutes and little to no sensitivity will leave your teeth looking whiter and brighter! You’ll love your new smile 😬

*Clients typically experience a 3-4+ shades of whiter teeth. Individual results may vary.

* Travel fees apply based on location

Brilliant Whitening
+ Aftercare

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A long lasting, deep and powerful enamel safe formula that uses a gentle stain lifting led light system that dramatically whitens and brightens your teeth to look as white as can be! 😬

This is a 1 hour process with low-medium levels of sensitivity that will leave your teeth brilliantly white.

*Clients typically experience 6-12+ shades of whiter teeth. Individual results may vary.

* Travel fees apply based on location

Express Whitening & Custom Tan

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Get the perfect combination of whiter teeth with aftercare and that perfect glow!

Save $10 with this package

* Travel fees apply based on location

Brilliant Whitening & Custom Tan

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Deep and longer lasting teeth whitening session combined with a flawless bronzed glow to look your very best! Perfect for weddings, graduations, photoshoots and events.

Save $10 with this package

* Travel fees apply based on location

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Whiter smile

Getting a professional teeth whitening session provides a thorough whitening of your teeth. That desired results cannot be achieved simply by using whitening toothpastes and at home products.

Safe ingredients

Many over the counter products can damage your tooth’s enamel. Whitening By Julie’s products are made with all natural ingredients and will not damage your enamel. Learn more about our formula here.


Many dentists typically charge anywhere from $400- $600 to whiten teeth. Whitening by Julie provides the same high quality whitening as you would receive at the dentist for a lot less.

Fast and convenient

When you use Whitening by Julie it only takes 20 minutes from start to finish. That is a fraction of what other teeth whitening companies offer. The high-quality equipment and products we use allow us to get the desired results as quickly as possible. The process is easy and convenient because we offer services at your home, office or at any location you need (within our service area). You can also have a session at our location.

Desirable results

When you have a brighter, whiter smile you feel more confident. Who doesn’t want to get those extra compliments or have a more attractive smile? Healthy and whiter teeth are essential to good oral hygiene. We offer instant and noticeable results that when maintained properly will have your whiter smile last a long time.

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Learn about what to expect before, during, and after your teeth whitening session.


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