What to Expect—Spray Tanning

Learn about what to expect before, during, and after your spray tan session.


Before your session you will receive a message with the following preparation instructions:

  • Exfoliate well at least 24 hours prior using a NON oil based product.
  • Exfoliating before the tan can greatly increase the duration of your tan.
  • Do NOT wax or shave within 24 hours of getting a spray tan
  • Do NOT apply any makeup, lotion, sunscreen, hair removal cream or oils 24 hours prior.
  • If it may rain that day, bring an umbrella if you will be coming to our location.
  • Please do NOT work out or do any activities that may make you perspire within 3 hours of your appointment time.
  • Please wear dark, loose fitting clothing. We recommend you do not wear denim. It can soak up the tan before it sets.

It is important that you follow these instructions accordingly to ensure the highest quality results. Improper preparation may affect the results of your tan.

During Tan

  • Our friendly and certified technician will review your order, and make any necessary recommendations.
  • At our location, you will be walked into a private room where the technician will explain how the process will work.
  • You will then be given disposable bottoms ,a hair net and sticky feet.
    When you are ready our technician will return to begin working on your perfect tan.
  • Once the spray tan is complete you will be asked to dry off for a minute or two
  • After the spray tan is thoroughly inspected, you will be left to change into your clothing.
    You will be given the instructions on how to maintain the tan for a longer period of time.
  • If our technician travels to your location then the
    only difference is that they will have a portable tent with them for privacy and also to prevent any spray solution from going anywhere other than your skin.


  • Do NOT touch your skin after the tan. It will feel sticky, but by touching you are likely to leave tan streaks or marks on your hands. You can also fade a certain spot simply by touching it before your full or desired drying/set time.
  • It is recommended that you do NOT take a Shower for 8-12 hours after spraying, unless it is the express solution tan. With the express tan you can take a shower after 2-6 hours depending on how dark you want the color to be
  • When taking the initial shower the water should be warm not hot. The shower should be quick as possible. Do not use Dove soap or alcohol based soaps they will dry your skin out, instead a mild hydrating body wash is preferred. Do not use a loofah, exfoliating wash cloths or any sort of body scrubs. It is recommended you use your hands for the initial rinse off. During the shower you will notice a bronze/brown color coming off in the wash. This is just the bronzer from the solution and it is simply used as a visual guide for our technicians. Once you finished rinsing you will notice that your tan looks bronzed and natural.
  • One of the most important things you can do to after the spray tan to maintain a fabulous looking color for longer is to use moisturizer. Apply moisturizer lotion as frequently as possible. Bronzed by Julie carries a fantastic product line of moisturizers, exfoliating mitts, exfoliating creams and more, just ask your technician for more details.

What to Expect—Teeth Whitening

Learn about what to expect before, during, and after your teeth whitening session.


It is recommended to have had a dentist checkup and/or a cleaning within at least a year before your appointment. You should not do teeth whitening if you have gingivitis of any kind of cavities that have not been filled. Teeth whitening is not permitted to anyone who is pregnant or under the age of 12. Before the appointment please lightly brush your teeth. Be prepared to lay down or sit for 20-45 minutes.


You will be given a gel filled whitening tray to place into your mouth and then you get comfortable for anywhere from 20- 45 minutes. It is completely normal for you to feel a slight tingle in the gums. It is rare, but if at any point you feel discomfort and choose you no longer want to continue we are able to stop the process at any point. Any discomfort you may feel after the whitening or some tingling will not last for more than 24 hours. Once you have completed the session, you will remove the tray and rinse with water.


It is not recommended to eat anything for one hour after your teeth whitening session. You can drink but water only is recommended. For the next 24 hours after your appointment you should stay away from any sort of staining food such as red wine, tomato sauce, etc. You should refrain from smoking as well. Any discoloration on your gums will go away within 24 hours of your session. The best way to maintain your pearly whites is to purchase a aftercare kit and/or a special gel pen. This gel pen is easy to use and only takes minutes.

Please be advised that everyone can experience different results. It is entirely up to your genetics of how white your teeth are capable of becoming. For some it is recommended to do more than one session in order to achieve the desired results. Teeth whitening can be done as often as 36 hours after your last session. You are able to get your teeth bleached/whitened as often as every 3-6 months in order to maintain the desired whiteness. This will depend on your lifestyle, drinking and eating habits.